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Research Analyst

Monkey Group is growing!

Our Marketing team is expanding to help develop and distribute cutting-edge media content about the off-premise paradigm shift to the North American marketplace. Do you have what it takes to join us?

Position Summary

The Research Analyst utilizes proven research methods and outreach strategies to generate data and insights required by Monkey Group companies to understand trends and activities in our customers’ organizations, and in the broader North American marketplace, related to restaurant takeout, delivery and catering.


  • Develops an in-depth understanding of transactional activity across company divisions, and a set of performance-based indicators (and other criteria) for measuring and benchmarking customer success factors.
  • Collaborates with team leadership and peers on existing research projects and initiatives; provides project oversight and status/progress reporting on research initiatives of common concern across the organization.
  • Develops and maintains question sets and common queries for research efforts, and manage ongoing data collection and analyses of outcomes and findings.
  • Provides visualization techniques and graphic interpretations of research results and data findings for use in corporate reports, marketing collateral and customer presentations.


  • Someone who has done this before as part of a cross-functional marketing team, and doesn't need to be told how to do it.
  • Someone with the curiosity, patience and skills to develop an authentic, professional approach to data collection and analysis, while learning directly from an industry evangelist.
  • Someone who is ready, willing and able to work closely with a small group of specialists in a fun, creative environment.
  • Someone who can impress us with what their ideas and enthusiasm for SaaS technology and/or the North American food services sector, regardless of their direct experience.


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